29 Oct 2018

Regarding the incidents on DGTL Festival October 18

Monday, October 29 2018


On October 18th, some attendees of the DGTL ADE night experienced an epileptic reaction in area 2. DGTL has not released a statement following the events until now, due to only receiving a few questions regarding the incident, which have been handled by our team. However, as those questions increased over the past week, we are now following up with more information.


Due to privacy reasons related to the people involved, we do not know the exact cause of the reaction. However, according to EMS (the first aid organization present at the festival), this was most likely triggered by a combination of drugs, exhaustion and flashing lights.


DGTL always aim to provide the safest and best experience for all attendees. Immediately after the incident, we took action and measured all lights used during ADE as it is our priority to ensure that our guests are having a safe and enjoyable time. The test showed that all placement of lights followed the rules and regulations.


On the night, first aid was at the location and could take care of the people involved and made sure everyone was well recovered. EMS informed us that they were all able to get home safe by their own means later that evening.


We want all our attendees to feel safe and well taken care of during our events, and we are constantly working towards the best festival experience possible for our guests. In case someone is still feeling uncomfortable after witnessing the events of ADE, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello@dgtl.nl so we can offer our support.

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