18 Oct 2018


Innofest and DGTL join forces. The collaboration enables entrepreneurs from the Innofest incubator program to test their prototypes and innovations at DGTL Amsterdam 2019.

Innofest offers entrpreneurs the opportunity to test their innovation within the infrastructures of a festival. Their mantra: “whatever works at within festival borders also works in the real world”. DGTL is the 10th festival that collaborates with Innofest. Director of Innofest Anna van Nunen: “DGTL enables us to help our start-ups and entrepreneurs develop their innovations even better. The festival takes place in April, which means that we can offer them more and early room for growth. Besides that, it is important for us to offer a wide range of test locations. DGTL gives us this opportunity as the characteristics of DGTL are totally different from the other 9 festivals we already work with”. 



At DGTL Amsterdam 2018 the fist pilot already took place with the Semilla Sanitation Hub. This first collaboration was the definitive reason for collaboration in 2019. Semilla modules form a closed wastewater treatment unit, using advanced space technology to convert sanitary wastewater into clean water and nutrients for food production. “DGTL is ambitious within the field of sustainability and gives innovation the room it needs to grow and develop. The Sanitation Hub offered a great way of showing ways in which we can make use of large volumes of sanitary waste water”, says Van Nunen.


DGTL also looks forward to working together closely with Innofest. We set high ambitions each year when it comes to making a positive impact on society and the planet. Besides delivering a top-notch festival experience, we constantly search for cutting-edge ideas and innovations to experiment with at our festival. Festivals are in fact miniature cities and societies, which make them the perfect breeding ground for urban solutions. Through the alliance with Innofest we want to bridge the gap between small-scale innovation and society.

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