28 Jul 2019

Get familiar with: Lauer

On Friday 19th of July we released our ninth EP, ‘Topo Chico’ by the respected DJ and producer Philip Lauer. We had a quick chat with Lauer about his first remixes which he produced on cassettes, the meaning of Topo Chico (spoiler alert: it’s a mexican sparkling water brand), his signature sound, the meteoroid he once saw in his yard and more.


Hey Lauer, thanks for having this chat with us. We were wondering, you’ve been remixing since the late nineties and have even mastered on cassettes. This is obviously a huge difference compared to how modern producing is being done. Do you ever miss those ‘’more simple’’ times or are you relieved to have all these new technologies and opportunities at your fingertips?

To be honest, i m still a "simpleton" when it comes to the technical stuff.. I became kinda good in hiding it.


Since you have been doing so many remixes (over 250) already, I was wondering if you could share some (1-3) tracks that are special to you. Could you also share the story behind the special tracks?

I think 250 is a stretch, guess its somewhere between 150 and 200 max. I’m quite happy about a quite recent remix. Phil Gerus - Still Blind (Lauer Remix) on Emotional Especial. It even got played by Andrew Weatherall on NTS. Also just remixed my little friend Johannes Albert -CHestnut Poetry (Lauer Remix) -- happy as well.


Is it hard to find inspiration when you’ve already been producing for such a long time? Where do you find the inspiration for your tracks?

Not really no. I have the feeling that a lot of good and bad idea’s come from being bored, It could also have somthing to do with that little meteoroid i saw landing in our yard when i was a kid.. who knows..



Everybody keeps talking about your signature sound. Could you describe what you think your signature sound is? Where did it all start?

I think it means, that there are always too many melodies in my tracks, working on it. Dont really know when it started.. it was like that from the beginning..


Could you tell us how the EP ‘Topo Chico’ emerged? What’s the story behind the three tracks?

Topo Chico is a mexican sparkling water brand and i really like it. Well Tim (DGTL Records label manager) asked me for music for this label, and i thought... wow that could be a clever move....so i sent him those tracks.. Really happy people seem to like them..




We know you as a productive and active artist with a lot of collaborations on your name. Are there new collaborations coming up that you can tell about?

Let me think.. there is another 12" with my friend Skatebard coming on LARJ. and one with Fabrizio Mammarella as Black Spuma on Futureboogie .. Remixes from that Red Scorpions album on Clone Royal..And a new Atlas E 12" on Digitalo -- but there are more collabos in the pipeline that i cant reveal at this point..



Order the new EP 'Topo Chico" by Lauer here:



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