About DGTL Records

DGTL Records builds on the festival’s musical theme of an evocative cross section of the sounds and styles; showcasing forward thinking, cutting edge artists. While it will remain a global scope, as an Amsterdam based label it will support the local scene and talent. 


DGTL001  KiNK - Neutrino EP  
DGTLD001 DGTL artist - Modular EP (aftermovie)  
DGTL002  Fort Romeau - Untitled II / A Familiar Place
DGTL003  Man Power - The Duelist EP    
DGTL004  Satori - Yam
DGTL005  Applescal - Harmony EP
DGTL006  Autarkic - Strange Alliances  
DGTL007  De Sluwe Vos - Dancing Glass Figures
DGTL008  Various Artists Volume one

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