22 Oct 2018

ADE Hackathon: Winner

To stimulate innovation in the dance and festival scene we organised, together with ADE and Tech & Dance Collective, a hackathon powered by Label A, Bydner, Moneyou. At the ADE Hackathon developers, designers, entrepreneurs and other creative minds were asked to think about the challenges that are faced by the dance and festival scene. A group of 100 selected people were invited to develop smart concepts, new apps and inspiration within a challenging timespan of 24 hours. The bright minds did a great job and team JOKER took the winning spot.  



Their sustainability concept evolved around creating awareness of your personal festival carbon footprint. When purchasing a tree planting fee to compensate your footprint, also a digital tree was created and instantly shown to the visitors at large screens on site. The amount of digital trees showed how people altogether were contributing, ensuring an increase of awareness. 


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